Friday, October 07, 2005

Round the Horn. An Irwin J. McIckleson Production

Salutations, people of the future world with whom I am conversing. This is Irwin J. McIckleson, fictional scion of the past, crusher of the weak and ruler with an iron first. I'm also drinking a delicious cabernet from a friend in Paris, and may, in fact, be a little jovial. I'm sure you can handle it.

First up is the blog . . . You are a Tree which is connected to the blog Gamer's Nook. It has a very attractive design sense and
numerous poems by a group of troubadours called Railroad Earth. This one is quite good.

archy has
the story of a radio program host named Bill O'Rielly who argues that the Irish and the blacks have had basically the same experience in America. Apparently he believes that the Negroes voluntarily emigrated to the United States, rather than in shackles.

I met a man who had been a slave once. He was a shoeshiner outside of Columbia station. I was arriving very late and he was still open, but just shutting down. I asked for a shoe shine, as I reasoned it would save me time in the morning, and volunteered to pay an additional gratuity if he would shine my shoes. I did not have wherewith to read, so I conversed with the man for a time. He told me of his childhood in South Carolina and of what it was like watching his mother sold to another plantation. He was old enough then that he did not go with her, but stayed in the fields of his master until the union army came though.

I find myself wondering what that old Negro would say if he could meet Bill O'Rielly. Probably, like most of his people, he would smile and keep his own counsel. My time has made it very clear what happens to opinionated Negroes, I'm afraid.

Bark Bark Woof Woof has
the comments of a modern day Negro (I understand they are called Blacks now) on the type of comments made by O'Reilly and Bill Bennet. He says that it is unjust to conflate race and criminal intention. I must say you future people must be very stupid in some ways. Don't you realize that the people who have robbed the most are the Plutocratic class, and they are almost all white?

further thoughts about the moral character of Blacks. One thing to note is that people who have it bad usually have a pretty good motivation to commit crimes. That's why grinding your workers into the ground is a surprisingly delicate matter. Do it too hard or too fast and they will start stealing from you or destroying your equipment.

The Countess has
a story about the Winchester Mystery House; a story with which I have some passing familiarity. I will say I was warned once that the ghosts of those employees I worked to death would come and get me. But that is the great advantage of working your future haunters to death; their ghosts have very little energy. And my life has been relatively ghost-free.

The Fulcrum (and several other sites actually) has
a story on an Aero-Transporter named Southwestern that refused service to a woman because she was wearing a shirt with an anti-President Bush message. In my day this would not be a problem because woman would be required to wear proper under and over garments, which do not permit such messages.

Speaking of President Bush, iddybud has
a review of a recent speech that blackguard made. Apparently he said little new and continued to argue that killing innocents is bad.

Sooner Thought has
information on a spy caught within President Bush's White House. Under his nose, so to speak.

T. Rex's Guide to Life
has commentary on President Bush's latest nominee to the Supreme Court, a Harriet Miers. Apparently she may be a mixed curse.

The Podunt Press
has information on corruption in the halls of the Senate. Seems like business as usual to me. Of course, the accused (Mr. Tom Delay) is accusing his accusers of partisanship. That's good strategy, even if it turns out not to be the case.

Anyway my task is complete for another week. I wish you all fruitful and enjoyable weekends.

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