Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Riding along the Yukon

It was cold. Damned cold.

Parker led me out in the woods to die. I knew it and he knew it, but he didn't say nothing. I drew my sidearm to put him down like the dirty dog he was, when I realized he was the only way i could survive out in these bitter woods. So I put away my gun and pulled out my bowie knife. It glistened the cold air as I turned to my old friend.

That's what I thought about when I read the John Stossel's article about a bridge to nowhere up in the Alaska territories. I recken the forcoes of civilization have got to put their tentacles everywhere. Lucky there are still cowpokes like John Stossel bringing their deeds to light. Seems a bunch of Republican banditos in Washington are stealing from the people and building monuments to themselves. There's only one language rotten folks like that understand.

Singing. Yes, even the onriest rattlesnake can be swayed by the power of a beautiful western ballad. Them Republicans might seem like tough critters, but they got kids and they got families and they got hearts; once they understand how their projects hurt us all, they'll surley put a stop to such foolishness. It's like I told my good buddy Parker when we was traipsin through the woods 'long the Yukon. A song always makes things better. He looked a might touched by the weather shivering and all, so I sang him "The Ballad of Polar Joe" and it perked him right up. And I think singing will work just as well on these Republicans.

Hey all - this is Cheery with a postscript - for information on who Durango is and what not, and to vote for him or one of our other contestents in the big contest, visit this post.

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