Monday, October 17, 2005

The Other Side

Bryant posted earlier on how the Miers nomination would be curtailed by the Right Wing, and absolved the Left from anything that might happen to Ms. Miers in the process of becoming our next Supreme Court Justice. Well, that's very nice. Too bad that it's TOTALLY INACCURATE! We all know that a few Conservatives are displeased with the Miers nomination; but Liberals are no more pleased.

Consider, for example,
this article at the Guardian, reprinted at, by Robert Cornwell. In it Cornwell gleefully suggests that Republicans are trashing Miers while trashing her himself. He then says this.
But do not expect the Miers nomination to be withdrawn. That would be the public admission of a mistake, something to which this President is congenitally averse. Nor, given his intense loyalty to those loyal to him, is it likely that he will he lean on her to withdraw. Almost certainly, we're headed for a confirmation battle that could get very nasty indeed.
Does that sound like a threat to anybody else? I mean doesn't it sound like Cornwell is basically saying that if she goes through the confirmation process she can expect leftists and Democrats to TRASH her?

We might get a chance to see what Ms. Miers is made of; I hope it's some pretty stern stuff.

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