Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday Mail Bag

Hi all. It's time for another look in our mail bag and comments bag (really there's just one bag).

Our first comment comes from ST Parker, responding to
a post by Cheery in which she argues that the Democrats shouldn't use legal methods to go after the Bush administration.
"If we don't like parties using the law to go after Clinton, we shouldn't use the law to go after Delay. "

Isn't that like saying we should either investigate everyone or investigate no one?
As a life long criminal genius and super villain, I am strongly in favor of investigating no one.

coturnix (of
Science and Politics) responded to McIckleson's blog around comments on the program to give kids pretend babies.
Well, I doubt that "acclimatize" is the best word - "scare-the-shit-out-of-them" may be more appropriate ;-)
I must admit, though, fear is a great motivator. Every time I surrendered to Captain Starfaller, and it was, unfortunately, a lot, it was because of fear.

Elayne Riggs (of
Pen-Elayne on the Web) writes in response to our Defenders Saturday feature.
You've GOT to stop doing this. My husband just went and fetched the comic in question. After, of course, identifying the penciller and inker on the basis of only looking at the two panels you repro'ed. Bryant, please, for the love of God, stop encouraging him!!
I am 100% in agreement with this. Why is Bryant wasting his time with old comic books when there are early children's TV shows like "Captain Starfaller and the Cosmic Crew" who don't have episode guides at all? Perhaps I could start my own.
Captain Starfaller and the Cosmic Crew Episode #1A02 "The Space Tyrant"

Plot Summary - Captain Starfaller and Jimmy visit an old friend, Astronomer Al who provides educational material on the Planet Mercury (It's Hot!). Suddenly Jimmy is whisked away the Lobsterian invasion force. Captain Starfaller springs into action, and after a daring flight through a meteor shower, he attacks the Space Lobster. Space Lobster proves to be a worthy adversary, but Captain Starfaller is able to drive him off with a Electronic Repulso-blast. Then Captain Starfaller and Jimmy sing a song about the planet Mercury (It's Hot!). The End.

Notable events. This is the first appearance of Space Lobster, long time Captain Starfaller villain. This is the first and only appearance of the Lobsterian Invasion Force (what a gyp!)

Continuity Errors. Space Lobster does not used his signature catch phrase in this episode ("I will Crush Captain Starfaller in my Mighty Pincers).
Hmmm. That wasn't so hard. I need to get some stills from the show.

Anyway this week sees a rare occurrence; a letter related to the blog (rather than to my bank account). Feast on this rarity in all it's glory.
E-Mail Title - Want great info on profiteering

E-Mail Text - The book-- "when The Pentagon Was For Sale"

Many Reagan people were found guilty of fraud.

clarence swinney
Thank you Mr. Swinney. I admit war profiteering is very evil, so I've been curious about it for a long time. But it all seems so complicated. Plus many big government types are uncomfortable having me in their office because they are afraid I will get mucus on their seats. But that's snails, not lobsters. At any rate I will certainly check out that book and see if it has any tips that can let me break into the evil and lucrative world of war profiteering.

Finally, what is a Monday Mailbag without somebody asking for my bank account information. And here one is from Issac Ani in Madrid, apparently.
I am contacting you to partner with me in respect of transfer of certain
funds, which is being held in a floating account in my organization,
Fountain Trust SA , in Madrid Spain.
Hmmmm. A floating account in a FountainTrust? Floating in a Fountain? Does that strike anybody else as just a little too convenient?

But the point is moot, as I do not have a bank account.

Anyway hope you have a nice week. Oh and Cheery wants me to mention that tomorrow we are announcing a big contest. So look forward to that.

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