Thursday, October 13, 2005

Look at Me!!!!!

Salon, the Liberal (practically Socialist) web magazine, has an article today by Steve Almond, entitled "The Blogger who Loathed me." Well after reading this self indulgent crap, let me assure you that Mr. Almond has more than one.

The entire story is about Mr. Almond coming to terms with a cyber-nemesis, through the metaphor of gay love. Almond concludes early on that his nemesis must love him, and so he writes about spanking him on his "hot little blogger bottom."

Almond's beef is with both his nemesis and the blogging phenomenon, incidentally. He describes bloggers as lazy, unwilling to do the hard work of actually writing complete works. Although he seems focused on "Lit Blogs" as opposed to Political blogs such as this one. Modern Literature being pretty well USELESS, I'm not sure I'd argue with him on this one.

Anyway totally self indulgent crap; but I'm not surprised Salon published. Even ignoring the frequent references to gay sex, it's reflective the self-obsessed culture liberals love. So, in a way, it's their perfect article.

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