Thursday, October 27, 2005

An Interview with The Monster

Q. So I understand you run this website?

Monster. Yes. Monster be in charge. That be Monster's way; he natural leader.

Q. So that must be a lot of hard work.

Monster. Monster no work. Monster make Cheery and others do work. Monster just in charge.

Q. But you have to make decisions.

Monster. Monster approve stuff. When Cheery get in touch with Monster. Cheery very busy person like talk a lot. Monster not carry his cellphone most of the time.

Q. So what do you do.

Monster. Monster like travel. Monster just return from Denmark. Monster have picture.

Q. Oh. Did you like it there?

Monster. Monster like it ok. Monster also visit Emerald Fangolia, which monster like better. Pretty waters. And monster visit New York.

Q. Oh yes, I gather you are voting for Durango or the Post Modernist with Random Goblin?

Monster. No. Cheery explain it not fair for me to vote. Monster not understand explanation, but Cheery keep talking so Monster say he agree. Monster agree a lot that way. Monster like Durango and Post Modernist and Random Goblin, but monster not allowed to vote.

Q. Oh. So where do you see Make me a Commentator!!! in the future?

Monster. Monster no know. Maybe monster make it a steak house. Monster like steak. Gazelle steak. Monster read where there restaurants selling ostrich burgers so maybe monster make Gazelle Steak House.

Q. That would be a real switch from what you do now.

Monster. Monster think Gazelle steak house good idea. Monster think others follow him cause he is in charge.

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