Thursday, October 27, 2005

An Interview with Cheery Jetson

Q. So, Ms. Jetson, where do you think Make me a Commentator!!! is going?

Cheery Jetson. I think it's done great in the past and it's going to do great in the future. There's really nowhere to go but up. We have a great set of commentators and a great . . . format. I just am 100% optimistic about the future.

Q. Really? There have been some other on the staff who have expressed different views.

Cheery Jetson. Well there are some negative nellies on the staff I know; great writers who contribute a lot. But they tend to look at life in a glass half-empty kind of way. I'm not like that; I think it's better to be positive. Even when there are challenges.

Q. What sort of challenges do you see the website facing?

Cheery Jetson. I think it's a content challenge. I think we have an attractive look (most weeks anyway), and I think we are able to hold peoples attention for a little bit. We are able to get a first look; but that doesn't seem to translate into repeat viewership or into a more indepth look. I think that's why the reaction to the contest has been a little less than I would have hoped for.

Q. Is that frustrating to you?

Cheery Jetson. Not really. I mean I would have liked to have seen more participation; but the contest is barely half over. I'm sure other people will eventually vote, and in large numbers.

Q. So you are hopeful about the future of this site?

Cheery Jetson. Completely!

Q. Some of the others have alluded to you being sad about what is going on?

Cheery Jetson. Well I am not the easiest person to read. Possibly I was just a bit emotional thinking of how well we are doing. And there is a bit of stress setting up our anniversary party, which will be tomorrow afternoon. The Monster has ordered me to spare no expense, so it should be very enjoyable. [pause] I'm bringing Pictionary.

Q. Do you like the people you work with?

Cheery Jetson. Oh yes. They are all great. I mean Grumbly and I might disagree on politics, but in general I really feel lucky to work with such a neat group of people.

Q. So you have no complaints?

Cheery Jetson. None whatsoever.

Q. So who do you think should be the next commentator?

Cheery Jetson. I like them all, actually. That Puke is a live wire, but I'm sure we could adjust to her. And the others all seem very nice. I guess I've felt a bit of a connection to Ms. Maple Roberts, secretary to the Post-Modernist? But I like them all.

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