Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm tired of Morons

Good morning, sub-literate Morons. Cheery has asked me to say that, in conjunction with the contest, me and the other finalists are going to be writing dumb-ass commentary in order to prove our worthiness to write for the readers of this website. So hurry up and vote or you'll get left behind. Cheery's words, not mine. She really needs some valium.

Anyway I'm just doing this cause in order to keep my unemployment I need to look for a job (which is total bullshit, by the way).

So they gave me
an article by this skank named Michelle Malkin. Michelle has written a book on why the Japanese internment was a good idea and she looks like the sort of person who looks down her nose a lot.

Michelle's pissed because we are about to see the 2,000 soldier die in Iraq. Not because she gives damn about soldiers dying, of course. Rather she's pissed because some in the anti-war movement are going to use that number to underline how costly this war has been. Michelle than lists off a lot of bullshit some anti-war protesters have done ("We support the troops when they shoot their officers." Crap like that). But of course she lies through her ass and implies that these few examples are the whole damn anti-war movement.

The truth is most of the anti-war movement is a bunch of cowards who are more worried about offending people than they are about protesting the war. A few freaks take more direct action, but most don't. Anyway the whole article is crap; sub-literate morons might enjoy it, though. So you should all go check it out, I guess.

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