Thursday, October 06, 2005

How to Be

Hi All!!! : )

Cheery here. Just finished reading Television Without Pity's
latest recap of last weeks episode of the Apprentice. It's quite good, and the author makes what I think is quite a good point.
Chris and Josh are being mean. Yes. Because somebody was mean to them, once, and it made them better, more acceptable, cooler, more successful, more socially able. I'm thinking it was when they were young, because they're quite good at it. And this is where frat boys like this come from: intelligently-applied pack meanness. But not just frat boys: senators, trustees, moguls. Act the fool, get slapped, you stop acting like a tool. You start looking around at other people, realize that acting normal and boring and superficial doesn't mean you have to change your insides, and that you can still think whatever you want, and then you fucking shape up.

And then the beauty part, where you realize the majority of all people are doing the exact same thing, playing the "I'm boring" game, and that the most put-together looking, shallow-seeming, Happy Hour-going, Oahu-vacationing, Express-wearing, hour-a-day exercising, forensic procedural-watching, beautiful mannequin of a person that sits in the cubicle next door? Bites her toenails, or is a Xena freak, or only eats the white part of candy corn and has a two-year-old yellow and orange pile of gross in her top left desk drawer, or named her dog "Glomer," or knows all the words to "Buffalo Stance" and will sing them without provocation after a single minty mojito, or whatever awesome thing, and you are missing out on a great new friend if you believe in the existence of iPod People with no souls, because there is no such damned thing.

It's only the arrogance of dorks like Markus that refuse this -- because they honestly feel they're better than every single person around them is wrong, and that they're actually performing to spec -- that keeps them from humbling themselves for the two seconds necessary to introspect and realize that being a total jackass all day is at odds with their desire to be liked, included, or given the approval they so desperately need. This is why I have no respect or sympathy for Markus, because this kind of dorkiness is narcissistic. If you start thinking everybody else is crazy? Or an asshole, or stupid, or whatever. That's the number one sign that you are crazy. Or an asshole, or willfully blind.
I think this author is right; people really are very interesting when you take the time to get to know them.

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