Monday, October 17, 2005

Hey you groovy cats!

Did you know I was at woodstock? Yeah after the show ended I got like really bummed out for a couple of years, and kind of bummed around America. I was on the road so to speak. Although I ended up getting a VW Bug; it's hard to hitchhike when you are a space lobster. People thought it would gunk up their seats or something. Or, maybe, Crush them with my Mighty Pinchers!

Anyway Woodstock was great to the best of my recollection.

In that spirit let's see what those groovy cats out in radioland want to talk about today. The first comment (from Random Goblin) comes from
a post about our upcoming 3 year anniversary, in which Cheery solicited opinions on what we should do to celebrate
Or, better yet, a showcase of each commentator's best stuff. And even better than that, let each commentator pick their favorites themselves.
Well I gather we are going to do something like this; but Cheery says she gets to make the announcement. On the other hand if you do have other ideas on how we can celebrate our anniversary please post them in that post (particularly if they are along the lines of a higher salary for a certain groove-a-licious Lobster).

Our second commentary comes from Justin, responding to
a post on Rush Limbaugh and a comment by Random Goblin that Space Lobster needed to go away.
Yeah, but there's only two ways to get rid of him...
1. He dies... and I'm not one to wish that on someone... at least not merely for speaking their silly, twisted mind...
2. He goes somewhere else... and frankly, I think it would be immoral to feist him off on some other poor unsuspecting culture. Akin to sending nuclear waste or used sharps to a daycare center... Almost any culture in the world I could see doing it to already has an overabundance to psycho wierdos to go around.
Incidentally, I think we should just start calling him some derivation of "The Blimp"... after all, he's big, he's round, he's full of hot air, and zeppelins were quite prominant in nazi Germany
Lots of ellipses. Anyway Zepplins can be deadlier than you think. In episode 2F34, Duel in Jupiter's Clouds, Count von Killalot recruited me to serve as a gunner on his space zepplin. We nearly had Captain Starfaller, but he cleverly dove down into the lower clouds and we couldn't follow him. Jerk!

Anyway opening the mail box I see some interesting letters; including one that doesn't, in fact, ask for my bank account number! Will wonders never cease. Said e-mail comes from Olga, who I'm guessing, is not from Kansas.
I am pleased, that you have time to read and answer for my letter. Certainly I understand, that ours with you acquaintance can mean the new period in our lives. I aspired to this hard step. It is always difficult to make a first step and overcome impulses of modesty and awkwardness, it is especial when this step you do to which person you do not know. I feel, that I should make this first step and to try to overcome barrier which stand between us.

I want to learn more about you and to tell about myself. Though it is not accepted to ask the girl how old is she, I shall tell about myself. I was born 28 years ago in small city near to Saint-Petersburg and there was one, did not get acquainted yet with you. I hope, that ours with you acquaintance changes ours with you life in the good party.
Well despite the minor grammatical errors, I can certainly appreciate how difficult it is to reach out to someone; and like you I'm a little lonely. So perhaps getting to know you would change my life in the good party, as you say. Let's just pull up that e-mail address so I can write you.

What's this? The address is That's not a very lady like address! You lied to me Olga. You just want to send me Jewelry. I'm wiping the tears from my eyes (which is a delicate operation, given my pincers aren't that delicate). How will I ever recover from this romantical mishap?

Well I mourned the death of my love for Olga the requisite period of time (15 seconds) and now I feel better. Let's see what other offerings the mail bag has?

Here's one from Mrs. Fati Zongo. Dare I open it? How do I know Ms. Zongo won't play with my feeilngs the same way Olga did? I'll risk it.
I crave your indulgence at this mail coming from somebody you have not know before. I decided to do this after praying over the situation.You should please consider the transaction on its content and not the fact that you have not known me before.I need not dwell on how I came by your contact information because there are many such possibilities these days.
I can't go on. She mangles grammer the same as my beloved Olga; I'll just get hurt. Instead I think I'll dwell on how she came by my contact information.

Oh wait, I guess if she's not going to dwell on that I better not either. I suppose there are a lot of possibilities. Maybe she got them from
Strong Bad.

Anyway that's it for another week. Keep on trucking!

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