Tuesday, October 25, 2005


David Limbaugh, in his latest article, makes a spirited defense of his and others attacks on Harriet Miers. Apparently some have felt that the attacks on Harriet Miers have smacked of elitism.

Well first of all, what's wrong with elitism. Not a phony elitism based on snobbery and phoniness espoused by the left, of course. But an appropriate elitism, based on genuine achievement. Isn't that what we conservatives believe in? People who have succeeded deserve better; that's why I'm cool with Bill Gates living in splendor and Frank the Bum living in a cardboard box. At the end of the day they've both decided where they want to live through their actions. Harriet Miers is being rewarded for being a woman and for being close to President Bush, NOT for her legal accomplishments (which are, frankly, quite scant.

Anyway Limbaugh is pretty afraid of being called an elitist so he makes sure to remind us several times that he's not an elitist. He just thinks that the next Supreme Court Justice should be built upon solid ground.

The universe of potential justices who can be safely relied on to have given the subject enough thought to have unlearned the law school dogma is quite small. True, there may be untold numbers of potentially great originalist justices out there. But we have no way of knowing with the "stealth candidates," and there is simply no reason to take the risk when we don't have to.
Now I haven't fully made up my mind on Miers yet, but part of me thinks that surely one of the judges who do meet this high standard could also be counted on to see reason in the face of Islamo-Fascism.

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