Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Crimes and Misdemenors

Hello. This is once again Maple Roberts, personal secretary to the person known as the Post-Modernist. Unfortunately he is still in Baja California. He was invited to go surfing with Picasso's Guernica (who was apparently behind the return of El Greco to semi-life). Mr. Niedenmaker believes it to be a trap, but he feels compelled to play the game through to the end. He has asked that in his absence that I review the article I was given, Ted Ralls "Why Bush Is Unimpeachable."

It's an interesting argument; Mr. Rall seems to believe that the rise of political parties was not forseen by the Founding Fathers. As he puts it, "Because there were no national political parties back in 1787, their otherwise ingenious system of checks and balances failed to account for the possibility that a Congress might choose to overlook a president's crimes." This is an interesting point; certainly the letter of the constitution is something both parties find easy to ignore when it suits them.

I suspect that President Bush may be an of an artistic temperment; he believes he can mold the world as it should be. In that scheme, anything that gets him going in the direction he wishes to go is worth it regardless of other effects of his actions.

At any rate those are my thoughts. Oh, and please vote in the contest below. Ms. Jetson seems almost in tears at the thought that many of you don't choose to participate. She's very pleasent in her own way, but she seems very needy as well.

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