Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Why I Am So Hard on Liberals

Screw 'em, that's why.

Well there's more than that.

Liberals plans for America would leave it weaker. They would leave it weaker military, economically, and spiritually. Liberals may have good intentions - some, like Cherry, I am willing to concede are acting out of the goodness of their hearts. That doesn't change the fact that if their programs are followed the end result will be bad for America.

Many of them know this deep in their hearts - that's why they get so defensive. But they are obstinate prideful jerks who are willing to put personal feelings and ambitions over what is good for the country.

Others are just clueless dolts. Useful idiots, as the terminology goes.

But I don't care if a liberal is Mother Theresa; I will still heap my abuse on him or her and do whatever it takes to ensure that the liberal opinion is held in derision and mockery. I'll call liberals traitors. I'll call them idiots. I'll call them whatever works, because that's how high the stakes are.

Liberal ideas are political cyanide for the United States, and I love my country too much to allow them to fester or grow. The ideal situation would be an America in which liberal ideas are not expressed. Not through any sort of free-speech crackdown, but just because they are held in such low esteem that anybody speaking them would be laughed at or worse.

But until then, expect me to continue to be hard on Liberals!

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