Monday, September 26, 2005

Transparent Lies

With a title like that you'd expect that I'd be talking about the Liberals or the Democrats. Well, just this once, you'd be wrong. Instead I'm talking about some BONEHEADS on my side of the fence.

Apparently some bloggers including
Little Green Footballs and Confederate Yankee as well as the centrist blog Centerline, are propounding the story this weekend's protest against the war was attended by 29 people.

Yeah, it's not like this collection of LEFT-WING LUNATICS didn't provide any other fodder for criticism. I mean you could read their speeches and point out their insanity. But instead you choose to claim that 29 people attended the rally. There were problem more than 29 people on the program, given how Liberals so love to hear themselves speak. But even besides that there are aerial shots that show thousands attending.

Looks like a lot more than 29 people, I'd say.

This is an opportunity to expose the anti-American views of the anti-war crowd and instead we promote transparent lies. Sometimes I don't think we even want to win.

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