Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Theory

Robert Reich has a theory. In his latest article, Robert Reich suggests that the political discipline of the Bush White House hampers it's ability to effectively govern. Staff members won't provide the President negative information because such negative information could leak out and hurt the President.
Politics first, competence last: That's the Bush administration all over. Karl Rove, Bush's brain and deputy chief of staff, is in charge of the political juggernaut that's substituted for effective governance. Presumably, he's now at work on a plan to burnish the image of Republicans as managers of the public's business so they don't the hell beaten out of them in the mid-terms a year from now. But the harder Rove works at spinning what this White House has accomplished, the more likely it is that Americans will see that what it's accomplished is basically spin.

I have a theory too. My theory is that Democrats have already tried and convicted President Bush long before the information about Katrina has really come out. They aren't interested in looking at the mass of evidence, but simply in condemning President Bush for political points.

The key difference between my theory and Reich's theory is that there is evidence to support my theory.

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