Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Solution? Who Needs a Solution?

If you want to have a little fun with your favorite bleeding-heart liberal, I have a suggestion. Get them on the subject of President Bush and Hurricaine Katrina. Then simply and directly ask them what they think President Bush should have done. Watch as their mouth hangs open for a moment before they mumble some sort of excuse.

You see liberals are a lot like children asking "Mommy, why can't candy be free?" They don't understand how complex and difficult responding to a disaster on the level of Katrina can be. And when they are presented with a question that forces them to face that complexity, they, in a childlike way, retreat into a PATHETIC silence, upset that you have upset their little apple cart.

It's a lot easier to produces snarky questions about why the President was continuing with his social engagements than it is to actually say what the President should have been doing. And Liberals do so love the easy path, the gentle slope.

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