Friday, September 30, 2005

Round the Horn. An Irwin J. McIckleson Production

Well good morning readers of the Make Me a Commentator!!! site. This is 1910's Fictional Plutocrat Irwin J. McIckleson checking in and taking you on another voyage around the liberal coalition.

A lot of people have written in and asking me if it hurts me to be fictional. I don't know, dunderhead. Does it hurt being non-fictional?

And Then . . . has
some history on a new fangled sport called water skiing. Apparently it's like snow skiing only on water and with more human pyramids.

blogAmy has a story about
some comments made buy a gentleman called Bill Bennett. Something about how if every Black child were eliminated there would be less crime. I can see the natural feelings of the South continue apace. The truth is that any distinctions on race are meaningless; all of God's children are equal and should be equally exploited by the Plutocrat class.

LeftyBrown's Corner has
an article on a celebration of Banned Books in a religious library. I have never banned a book in McIcklesonville. I make sure to hire mostly illiterates so the problem doesn't come up very much, however.

Continuing the theme, Pen-Elayne on the Web has
a piece on Censorship - what it is and what it is not. In truth I don't pay attention to what my workers say or do. I just flog them intermittently, and their guilty conscious fill in the blanks of why I must be flogging them. It's a lot less work than trying to actually shut down ways of thinking I don't like.

Collective Sigh has
the news that President Bush is conspicuously driving around in his car wasting gasoline. Apparently Collective Sigh sees this as hypocritical. It's not. It's a simple reflection of the fact that as a successful Plutocrat, Mr. Bush is entitled to ask other people to make sacrifices while he continues to live large.

You see America has certain goals. The protection of the commenwealth. The maintenance of the infrastructure. The enjoyment of the Plutocrat class. Just as the poor might be asked to make sacrifices in a time of war, so also they should make sacrifices so that those in the Plutocrat class can continue to enjoy themselves.

Echidne of the Snakes
writes about party loyalty among the Republicans and the lack thereof among the Democrats. I must say I find the whole concept of Party Loyalty useful for those who would control others. I assume Republican party leaders feel the same way.

Dohiyi Mir
writes about being confused for a toddler of some kind. I find that baffling, but perhaps children of the future are much more accomplished than my own grand-children, who, although I love them dearly, are wont to sticking their whole heads in beehives.

Mercury X23 has
a piece on a student of his that has been convinced to join the military on some sketchy promises. This is somewhat despicable, although I understand the need of the Plutocrat class to protect itself by inducing others to join the military. On the other hand, since that military does not seem to be being used in a rational way, I do find myself less than comfortable with this deception.

Continuing on to how we are fighting this war, Happy Furry Puppy Story Time has
a piece on the atrocities of war and the argument that we must cover up such atrocities so as not to incite our enemies. It strikes me as perfectly sensible senselessness.

Rook's Rant has
some commentary on how the term "religious right" is being used as a prejorative. You future people have some odd political designations. Whatever happened to the Free Silverers or Know Nothings?

T. Rex's Guide to Life has
some thoughts on Ethics and how politicians used to have them. I don't think he's talking about my day. I once paid a Senator to bark like a dog at one of the progressives until he backed down and allowed an amendment to his bill.

And that's us for another week. Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

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