Friday, September 23, 2005

Round the Horn. An Irwin J. McIckleson Production

Rejoice! I'm back. This is Irwin J. McIckleson. I couldn't be here last week due to a court day. One of my workers stole three spoons and a fork from the company dining hall, and so I turned him into the police. Big mistake. I should have just flogged him and sent him back to work. Instead I had to attend a boring trial in which the Lawyer from the other side, one of those two fisted style lawyers from New York, suggested that I might be a cruel man. It was terrible.

I am having my pinkertons investigate that lawyer. We'll soon see if he has any dirt in his background.

Anyway I'm back this week to provide a report on the other members of the Liberal Coalition.

First up is Natalie Davis' All Facts & Opinion, in which Miss Davis
writes about the recent hurricane, and offers up much that strikes me as wisdom. For one thing she critiques the desire to snipe back and forth for political gain. She also critiques the tendency of some of the presses to demonize the victims.

reports that moi is back. Moi being the person who writes the blog apparently.

corrente has
the news that some of the leaders of the Bush Administration believe that the most important thing one can do in a time of war is cut taxes. I would have thought defeating the enemy might take precedence, but I understand mores have changed significantly since I was alive.

writes about the strain of maintaining a blog on regular basis. It is very stressful; it has apparently driven Bryant completely mad; which is why I am handling the Round the Horn duties despite being completely fictional. I suspect Bryant will eventually see an alienist and get cured and I will disappear. But, so far, so good.

Musing's musings has
a report on experiment he did with a computo-mo-tronic translaterphonic system. Apparently it is not working completely as advertised.

Liberty Street has
some thoughts on a recent plutocrat's comments (gentleman by the name of Rich Lowery) on the rebuilding of New Orleans. Apparently Mr. Lowery wants to blame the difficult lives of those who live in New Orleans on themselves and on government programs.

Perhaps it's because I'm getting old and soft, but I tire of the soft hypocrisy of men like Lowery. The reason people are in poverty is because people like you and me want them to be in poverty. A wealthy happy populace would be much more difficult to control or intimidate. We want poverty, Lowery, and if you are not the sort of person willing to admit it, I am.

Science and Politics has
a section on the phenomenon of blogging. I must admit I find it puzzling myself; it's a little like those pamphleters that hand out pamphlets in McIcklsonville at times. I usually have them flogged if I catch them; nothing good ever came of reading. But with a blog it seems like it would be a lot harder for the plutocrats of the future to find the bloggers.

Anyway that's it for another week. Hope you have a productive weekend.

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