Monday, September 19, 2005

On Respecting Our President

Hello all!

Sad news I'm afraid. :( The Monster is in Senegal this week, so I am acting head of Make Me a Commentator!!! It's a very heavy responsibility and I try to act in a light manner. In reviewing Bryant's recent articles, however, and one that he just submitted I felt I had to disagree with him.

President Bush is our President and he deserves a certain amount of respect. I'm not a fan of President Bush's, but I'm an American first and a Democrat second. Bryant's commentaries, in the pursuit of scoring political points, regularly crossed this line in regard to President Bush.

The situation on the ground is chaotic; we all know this. So to hold President Bush personally responsible for the lives lost and the mistakes made is to show him a lack of respect. Part of respect involves giving the President the room he needs to operate and not nick-picking every little thing he does wrong, or, even worse, making up accusations on spotty evidence.

I'm sure that a reasoned and sensible review of the Bush Administration's performance will reveal some errors; but now is not the time to make it.

Needless to say Bryant does not agree with this standard, so I have been forced to give him a two day suspension. He will be back on Thursday. : (

We'll miss Bryant but we hope he returns with a more respectful attitude towards our President.

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