Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday Mail Bag

Hello everybody. I'm feeling a little better this week, thanks for asking. I've realized that there is more to life than getting the right role. Instead I'm taking more of an interest in cooking. I made Hunter's Chicken yesterday and it turned out pretty good; although I think I could improve upon the recipe. Possibly using lentils rather than chickpeas for example.

Anyway lets get to this weeks comments and e-mails. Our first is from perennial favorite Random Goblin, in response to some rather
cryptic comments made by Governor Jeb Bush of Florida.
I didn't vote for Jeb back in '02. I voted for Chang.

Hee hee hee!

Hey, name some other valiant, admirable "conservative warriors" in history. In other words, people who bravely fought to resist change, for things to stay the same, or even "to go back to the good old days."

Robin Hood? Nope. George washington and the patriots of the war for Independence? Heck no, they were radical revolutionaries!

Come on, name some!
Well Captain Starfaller would be a good representative of a "conservative warrior." All the time me and my buddies were trying to revolutionize the Earth by making into a dictatorship or possibly a theocracy (well only when I teamed up with Grizzela, the Goddess of Gamma 4, which was a big mistake. Talk about a person who is full of herself. It turned out she wasn't really a Goddess either. Just talked a good game.), that "conservative" Captain Starfaller kept trying to stop us. So I would describe Captain Starfaller as a "conservative warrior."

Now I hate him more than ever.

Anyway we got a comment from some person named Jeff Rients who responded to
a post Grumbly Muffin posted that was pretty vengeful. I think there was a Nick Rients who worked lighting back on the show; probably no relation.
Referring to the entirety of the left half of the political spectrum as traitors isn't a comment on the stakes in play, but rather seems indicative of paranoia.

Furthermore, you say the liberals would leave America weaker economically, yet I know many Americans who remember the Clinton era as the times of prosperity.
Well, paranoia can sometimes be useful. I remember in Episode 3F19, "To Save a Sundragon," I was left guarding Xerxes, one of the mystic Sun Dragons, who we had wounded and trussed up like an animal. Good times. Anyway then somebody showed up claiming to be a veterinarian, and I let him come in and inspect Xerxes. It was really Kid Sunshine, an ally of Captain Starfaller at the time. That hipster goon pulled the wool over my eyes and if I had been a little more paranoid it wouldn't have happened.

So now when I don't recognize someone at my door I just automatically crush them with my mighty pincers. This keeps me safe, but I can't get any of the local pizza places to deliver anymore.

Turning to the mail, we received a letter from John Martin who begins promisingly.
The inspiration to contact you is simply divine providence,I am making this proposition because I have to seek the partnership of a resource person to help me realise this project.
Simply divine providence, eh? Have you ever met the Goddess of Gamma 4? Seems like the two of you would hit it off.

Anyway that's it for another week. Remember I will crush Captain Starfaller with my Mighty Pincers!

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