Thursday, September 15, 2005

How Hard Is It?

Parenthetically I want to say most of what Bryant says is TOTAL CRAP, but you already know that. I will agree that one major difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats favor making government the power and Republicans doubt the power of the government to help people.

The people of New Orleans had government largesse for a few generations and it failed to prepare them to face Hurricane Katrina. Bryant's solution is to try for another few generations. Conservatives on the other hand want to see a New Orleans where every individual is strong enough, prepared enough to face Hurricane Katrina. This is a THREAT to Democratic Power so naturally they oppose it.

But that is a handy summary of what the parties want. The Democratic Party wants Government to be Strong; the Republican Party wants YOU to be strong.

Sidney Blumenthal's latest article is a typical liberal castigation of President Bush. Blumenthal goes so far as to suggest that the last few weeks have doomed the Bush administration.
The deepest wound is not that he was incapable of defending the country but that he has shown he lacks the will to do so. In Bush's own evangelical language, he revealed his heart.

Overnight, the press disclosed a petulant, vacillating president it had not noticed before. It was as if there were a new man in the White House. Time magazine described a "rigid and top-down" White House where aides are petrified to deliver bad news to a "yelling" president. Newsweek reported that two days after the hurricane, top White House aides, who "cringe" before the "cold and snappish" president, met to decide which of them would be assigned the miserable task of telling Bush he would have to cut short his summer vacation.
By the way, does anybody else find that Newsweek story a bit unbelievable? My guess is they talked to a few malcontents, but nobody of significance. So of course they want to remain anonymous. Who would want to reveal their key source in the study of Bush's character to be window washer number three?

At any rate the President I have seen has proven to be masterful. Rather than a death toll in the tens of thousands as Democrats predicted, we are having a death toll that might not break 100. And President Bush has admitted his errors. "To the extent that the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility." Those of us who know President Bush, who have watched his performance with eyes unclouded with PARTISAN HATRED, know that he has little enough to apologize for!

There are some in America who should consider apologizing though. But one doubts they will.

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