Monday, September 12, 2005

Charges of Racism

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I am starting to wonder if Democrats and Liberals have been a little to free with the 'R' word in response to Hurricane Katrina. I mean it's obvious that the response to Katrina was not everything it should be. Star Parker acknowledges as such in her
latest article.
The fact that the handling of the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina was a massive botch job at all levels of government is beyond the doubt of any sober observer. Such operations demand precise cooperation and coordination among local, state and federal authorities. It appears evident that the performance at and between each of these levels of government was abysmal.

However, government incompetence isn't news. And, unfortunately, it's also not news when black politicians call it racism when the unfortunate victims of this incompetence, because they are poor and unprepared, are largely black.

It is inconceivable that there could have been some all-knowing racist guiding hand orchestrating the chaos and disorganization that characterized what occurred.
That's a good question. Do we have a department of racism in charge of making sure black people don't get the same services as the rest of us? Does that even make sense?

Ms. Parker's point that black America, and by extension all poor America, needs to get out of poverty in order to properly respond to such disasters. She doesn't offer many concrete suggestions, but I'd guess her methods don't involve using the Federal government in any way. So I'm not sure they would be adequate to the task at hand.

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