Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Can we Rebuild New Orleans?

Good morning all!!! : )

The answer to the above question is a surprising no, according to Walter Williams. In his reading of the Constitution, he doesn't find anything that allows federal spending to help rebuild New Orleans. Rather he presents example after example of Presidents who denied requests for help.

Mr. Williams does make it clear he's not attacking President Bush for wanting to use federal funds to help New Orleans.
Don't get me wrong about this. I'm not being too critical of President Bush or any other politician. There's such a broad ignorance or contempt for constitutional principles among the American people that any politician who bore truth faith and allegiance to the Constitution would commit political suicide.
I don't know about this; but it strikes me that if everybody, Democrat and Republican alike, believes that the Constitution permits this help, and you believe it doesn't, Mr. Williams, well I guess I'll have to go with the majority. ; )

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