Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bush Lovers? Not Hardly!

I read Bryant's defense of Bush Hatred, earlier this week, with some interest. Of course the obvious counterpoint is that if he and his allies on the Democratic side of the fence had any RATIONAL arguments against President Bush they'd present them. But they don't seem to. So we, on the right, are forced to conclude that our friends on the left are opposing President Bush irrationally.

But you should take that to mean that we on the right are irrational Bush-Lovers, driven to praise and laud him at all times. Rather we can be quite critical of where he and his fellow congressional Republicans are taking this country. Congressman Mike Pence recently summed up my dissatisfaction with the President and Congress's plans perfectly.
But there is work to be done, with the national debt at nearly $8 trillion, over 26,000 for every American. In light of two consecutive sessions of Congress that saw a 52 percent increase in the Department of Education and the first new entitlement in 40 years, with record increases in federal spending in every branch of government.

Two years ago, I likened the conservative movement to a tall ship plying the open seas of a simpler time with a proud captain and a strong and accomplished crew, veering off course into the dangerous and uncharted waters of big government Republicanism.

For despite the enormous conservative achievements of the past four years, I saw troubling signs that the ship of conservative governance was off course.

. . . Our party and you, its rising generation of new leaders, face an age-old choice: A choice between the belief in limited government and tradition and the siren song of the central planner who says that "Big government is good government if it's our government."
This analysis is spot on. It is frustrating that a President that has shown such leadership in the war on Terror is unwilling to use the same energy to revitalize the tax code (to make it fair to the people who actually pay taxes) or to reign in out-of-control government spending. Where is the leadership on these issues?

It's not in Washington. At least not right now. And those who are in Washington had better consider carefully or they might be replaced by people who more closely follow the Conservative ideal.

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