Monday, August 08, 2005

Words Matter

I'm not going to comment on Bryant's comments on racism below; anytime a liberal doesn't have an argument they SCREAM RACISM. That's why you hear them banging on about it so much.

I am going to write, instead, on Will Dursts
latest article about the use of the English Language. Durst notes that Republicans have switched out the term "War on Terror" for "Struggle against Violent Extremism." I don't see the big deal, myself. Struggle and War are synonyms, albeit with different connotations. Terror and Violent Extremism are synonyms as well.

In a way I'm disturbed that War has been downgraded to Struggle, as Durst notes.
Like a floundering hurricane losing wind speed over a land mass, the war has been downgraded to a struggle. I don't know about you, but I feel much better already. Hey, is that the cool, refreshing breeze of a scheduled steady troop withdrawal?
Like Durst I am concerned that such a weakening in the language might signal a premature withdrawal (although, Durst probably hopes that the US makes that tragic blunder).

On the other hand I heartily approve of the use of "Violent Extremism" over "terrorism." It is far more broad, and encompasses a larger range of actions. For example, you wouldn't call an anti war protester (many of whom are Islamic) taking a SWING at a COP an act of terrorism. I would, but most of you probably wouldn't. But violent extremism? What about when anti-war protesters talk about sabotaging troops or supplies? Isn't that violent extremism?

I would say it is. I would say that this Struggle Against Violent Extremism is one that the United States MUST NOT LOSE!

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