Saturday, August 13, 2005

Week in Review


That Monster Roar of Pride at another successful week here at Make me a commentator!!! Monster do week in review feature to tell you what people say.

Space Lobster answered e-mails and comments. Space Lobster very strange.

Irwin J. McIckleson did weekly round the horn where he look at other blogs and say what good about them!

Bryant wrote these articles;
A Return to Racism, about article on multiculturalism.
This may be the Most important Post you'll read all day, about Democratic Party should help working man.
Can't We All Just Get Along, about Dennis Prager and fighting over values.
Band Name, about Inexplicable Monkeys.
We've Got The Whole World In our Hands, about Ben Shapiro and imperialism.
Ode to Ann Coulter, about Marvin Olasky's liking Ann Coulter.

Cheery wrote these articles;
A Comment, which was response to Return to Racism by Bryant.
Please Don't Shoot Each Other, about person getting killed in Kentucky over war beliefs.
Long Hot Summer Days, in praise of woman Monster thinks is brave.

Grumbly wrote these articles;
Words Matter, about the changing terms for war on terror.
Cindy Sheehan - Political Operative, about how brave woman standing up to President Bush is a political operative.
Wouldn't it be Wonderful, about quote by Rush Limbaugh.

Monster say this be good! And Monster Say Next week be Even Better!!!

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