Thursday, August 04, 2005

The United States Does Not Need the United Nations

This is the truth that must not be spoken (at least not if you are a liberal Democrat). If there is one thing the war in Iraq has shown conclusively it is that the United Nations serves NO VALID PURPOSE. It's possible that the United Nation's might be useful in certain types of situations, so it's worth maintaining our relationship with it. But we don't need to pretend that it is necessary or vital to America's interests.

President Bush, showing more faith in the United Nations than I have, has actually sent an accomplished diplomat to the United Nations, one who clearly has a correct understanding of it's importance (or lack thereof).

But of course our American liberals, eager for values that don't require respecting the American Heartland and it's religious principles, has invested quite a lot in the United Nations. So they are upset that an 800 pound Gorilla (as Lila Rajiva puts it in a
recent article) is going to start treating the United Nations with the sort of respect it deserves. But, since President Bush out-maneuvered them, they are reduced to name calling.

Just warms the heart, thinking about Bolton at the United Nations and knowing that the Liberals can't do anything about it.

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