Friday, August 05, 2005

Round the Horn. An Irwin J. McIckleson Production

Well I'm in a bad mood. I just did a cost analysis of my five largest factories and it turns out they are all working at peak efficiency. Do you realize what that means?

I can't fire anybody.

It's like when you have an itch on your rearward parts but you can't scratch because you are having tea with the King of Belgium. You just can't stop thinking about it.

Anyway maybe looking at these strange future blogs will sooth my troubled soul. Oh, and this is Irwin J. McIckleson, fictional 1910's plutocrat, for those who are not in the know.

Iddybud has
the news that Robert Novak, who is apparently connected to that roustabout Karl Rove, is not doing to well in his appearances in the TV Box. Apparently he stomped off the TV set when he was being asked questions he didn't like? See that's the advantage to the TV Box; in our day if two writers didn't agree with each other they would just have a duel but since it was secret, you wouldn't know about it.

a quote from a medical doctor, apparently some kind of phrenologist, who says that President Bush may not be able to understand death in any real way. Maybe he just pushes such thoughts out of his mind with drink after drink of Spiced Rum.

archy has
some discussion on the terms creationism and intelligent design as well as Darwin and his theory of evolution (although according to archy, it's not really his theory). Intelligent Design is apparently another word for creationism. It's really a bit surprising that you would still be debating this. The proof of Darwin's text is all around us. The strong prosper and the weak do not prosper.

The Gamer's Nook has some
very attractive pictures you can look at. I will say that you future people have developed the photographic art to a degree that we never imagined in my time.

Rick's Cafe Americaine has
a post on the difference between Liberal and Conservative Bloggers, in which he asks what the real differences are. I do know that people sometimes disagree with each other long after the point of disagreement has evaporated. People like disagreeing.

Sooner Thought presenting
two contrasting stories one about a little girl who threw a rock at some bullies and another about a gang of hoodlums who caused knife wounds to security guards at a baseball stadium. Apparently the girl spent time in a house of corrections and the men did not.

This does seem to speak to incorrect priorities on the part of you future people. Frankly the labor value of a little girl is next to none. Oh, they are good in the case of really big machines, in that they can sneak inside and unclog them, but in most cases grown men make much better workers. If you really want your houses of corrections to be turning out good products, you need to put the men in them, not little girls.

The Countess once again strikes me as a very proper and enjoyable person, with
an ode to the pleasures of her garden. I also enjoy my garden, particularly the hedge maze; it is good place to go and do some quiet thinking, as my servants are not permitted in there (save once a month to trim the hedges).

The Fulcrum has
the news that apparently Congress has ceased paying attention to the war in Iraq so that they might devote their time to Professional Baseball. Baseball is a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, assuming you can't fire anybody, but it is certainly reasonable to assume that the war in Iraq should take precedent.

Words on a Page has a
very angry post about the death of recent marines in the war in Iraq. I have to say her passion is a bit contagious, particularly when one considers the war she is attacking. It is, by all accounts, an elective and unnecessary war, and it is understandable that people might be upset about the lack of success.

Steve Bates, the Yellow Doggeral Democrat has
a novel way to illustrate the gap between President Bush and reality; suggest that his own children enlist in the army to fight in Iraq. I have to say I agree that this is a fine idea. Possibly Mr. Bush's blase attitude about war came from a lack of service. I sent one of my boys to fight against the Spaniards and it did a world of good for him. I hope President Bush strongly considers this advice.

And that's it for another week. Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

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