Monday, August 15, 2005

Quotes page


Monster be frustrated.

Cheery come to monster, say monster need to make quote for webpage. It Monsters Turn.

Monster say "Arrgghhhharrghhhhnmmmaggghee baggghhhhh thagggooo," which means "All Enemies Run Away!"

Cheery say that against rules. She say pick quote by someone else.

Monster say that Monster quotes better than all else quotes.

Cheery say that Space Lobster want make own quote too, but Cheery not let him.

Monster say that good because space lobster quote be stupid. But Monster quote not stupid.

Cheery say that rules have to be for all. So Monster fire Cheery. But then Cheery make crying noise and Monster feel bad, so Monster not fire Cheery after all.

And then Cheery show Monster website where all kinds of quotes are. So Monster go there and get good quote. But monster still think "Arrgghhhharrghhhhnmmmaggghee baggghhhhh thagggooo" good quote.

Oh and Cheery update Quotes page with Monster Selected quote on it.

Also Bryant say we should add Liberal "Progressive" Chrystie to blogroll. Monster look at website and monster think it pretty, and have good words, so monster say OK.

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