Tuesday, August 23, 2005

People are not Crocodiles

Good morning all! : )

Just finished reading another "Muslim menace"
article by Cal Thomas. Apparently Arabs are crocodiles, and like crocodiles they will not stop until the eat us no matter how many chickens (land) we give them. So that's nice.

Don't believe me? Read Mr. Thomas's words for yourself. But of course I know you all believe me.
They are all crocodiles. Tossing pieces of "chicken" in their direction will never satisfy them. They want it all. They say so, and their actions prove they are serious.
Except that people are not crocodiles. And I don't know exactly what Mr. Thomas wants to do about the Arab world, but it can't be good. I mean if you think other people are crocodiles there's no reason to be nice to them, ever. You cage them up or you cut them down, don't you?

And we all know how the Republicans feel about protecting animal species.

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