Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday Mail Bag

Greetings Space Kids!

Today's mailbag is particularly full. So full that I may not need to refer to ongoing attempts by various people to acquire my bank account information. Which is too bad, in a way, because we got a letter with this intriguing tag line - "Help Crrying From Call From Ms Mariam Mohamed & brother"

Our first item was posted anonymously, in the comments section of the Blog (under
this post).
Hooray for Monster!
I am pleased with the new management here at Make me a Commentator!!! That said, this poster has obviously never used a bathroom after The Monster. His understanding of basic plumbing is . . . lacking.

The second item is from Yes, who posted a comment under
this post.
Well your voice is way more steady than mine at this point. You make some very valid observations. What got me going here was reading the spew of a winger. I cannot fathom their idiocy. Lying to oneself is common practice in our "culture". But they go beyond the pale. Overboard. Blinders. See no evil. Even when it's glaring in the face.
I have to say as a cosmic space villain, humanities lack of desire to see evil is very convenient. I can't think of the times when I walked into a bank or knocked on somebody's home and, rather than having my victims say "Eek! A Space Lobster!!!" they preferred to believe in my thin disguise.

This technique allowed me to kidnap the President of Hyper Space Industries, by pretending to be a new chauffeur, in episode 2A29 "Lobster Trails to You." Unfortunately we had chosen as our base of operations a Dude Ranch, where Captain Starfaller happened to take a vacation. Things didn't turn out too well.

Our next item comes from Kerri, who has a very
nice website of her own. She responded to this post.
You mean as a liberal I can't have Osama hiding in my basement , eating my Triscuits? Bummer. Guess I'll have to tell him to leave then.

It's strange to me how Conservatives have somehow made themselves out to be victims in almost every political arena. What's even scarier is, how well it seems to work, regardless of how false the premise.
Back in the old days we had Triscits around the set sometimes - but Captain Starfaller would always make off with the bulk of them along with the Havarti Cheese. Jerk! But I can say that it is weird for the Republicans to act this way. Frankly I think that once you have gained power, you should flaunt it. I usually did this by putting on a jeweled robe and waving my pincers over my head, but I understand that doesn't work for everybody.

And that's it for another week. Remember to continue sending in those letter and making comments, and we will respond to them. And also remember "I will crush Captain Starfaller with my mighty pincers!"

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