Monday, August 22, 2005


Jeff Jacoby's latest column is about Trent Lott's forthcoming memoir. Lott, an old style conservative, is apparently still miffed at how the Republican Party removed him from power after some unfortunate comments at a memorial honoring Strom Thurmond. There are three versions of this story.

1. Mean spirited Democrats hounded Trent Lott until he was forced to leave his position as majority leader.

2. Honest good hearted Republicans, shocked by Lott's Comments, worked successfully to remove him from power.

3. Cynical Republicans, frustrated with Trent Lott and seeking power for themselves, worked to remove Lott from power.

You will be surprised to know that I think answer three is the most correct answer. Oh, sure there were a lot of mean spirited and hypocritical Democrats sharpening the long knives for Lott. And there were some Republicans who were justifiable shocked at his comments. But the real reason a great man like Trent Lott was removed from power was that SOMEBODY ELSE WANTED THAT POWER.

And, say, who has that power now? Oh that's right, it's BILL FRIST.

Jacoby's article is, of course, a defense of the status quo. Lott has been out of power for a couple of years now, and Frist has been in charge. He certainly doesn't want to reopen old wounds within the party.

But in this case, I think it's more a case of RIGHTING OLD WRONGS. The party can't give Lott his position of power back; but it can acknowledge their own cynical motives rather than continuing to ascribe racism to Lott for his innocent but unfortunate comments.

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