Thursday, August 11, 2005

Long Hot Summer Days

Hello everybody! : )

Out in the hot Texas sun is
Cindy Sheehan, trying to ask President Bush a few questions about why we are in Iraq and why her son had to give her life for this war, which seems, more and more, to have been a mistake.
Sheehan is part of a small group of parents who have lost children in Iraq and hate the war. There is a much larger group of parents who believe that Bush is doing everything he can and that he couldn't have anticipated an insurgency whose bombs and members would grow more sophisticated and deadly by the day. For them, their children's deaths were not in vain and most have disdain for all who hold the other view.

Members of Sheehan's tiny Gold Star Families for Peace believe that the president was wrong and is now clueless about what to do. They have stepped into the abyss of regret and senselessness that comes with knowing a child died for a mistake.
I have to admit to feelings of concern over this story. While I think Ms. Sheehan is very brave and I admire her, I worry that President Bush may use some of those mothers who still support the war to attack Ms. Sheehan. I also am not sure if the American people are going to support her trying to ruin his vacation.

That said, if this is what she needs to do, if these are the questions that she needs to ask, than we need to support her. And certainly we can help puncture some of the ridiculous attacks that the right wing is throwing at her.

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