Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Let's Cry Again

Continuing on the theme of President Bush's perceived emotional distance from Cindy Sheehan we have a New York Times editorial by Reagan Biographer Edmund Morris.
. . . he [President Bush] is our elected president, with the business of a nation to run. Ms. Sheehan has gotten more time with him than most grieving mothers, and if she felt, during those unsatisfactory minutes, that there was a glass wall around him, it unfortunately comes with the job. A president has to protect himself from emotional predators, or he'd be sucked dry within a week of taking office.
Of course many Liberals would see the reference to "Emotional Predators" as some kind of slur, but of course it isn't. The President is surrounded by people who want something from him; if the President is going to stay on target and fulfill his goals he has to use selective hearing. Listening to those who will help him achieve his goals and ignoring those who would stand in his way.

Cindy Sheehan has made it clear that she wants to stand in his way; and so he has no choice but to, in a sense, block her out so that he can focus on accomplishing his goals.

This may seem cold to fuzzyheaded liberals, but when your goal is protecting America, I think it's a good idea to do what it takes to accomplish that goal.

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