Monday, August 01, 2005

Good and Evil

First of all let me welcome Bryant back to Make me a Commentator!!! I'm not sure exactly what "intersting work" means, but I'll take it as a compliment. I'm also think that if he is going to challenge my statements, he should expect to see his statements similarly challenged. And we all know that Liberalism has a hard time standing up to intellectual challenges.

Speaking of which, just finished reading a review of the new show "Over There" being broadcast on F/X. It's a liberal review, of course, and they don't seem to like what they see.
In a TV interviews, Bochco was asked about the “enemy.”

His response: “We are defining the enemy as those individuals who are trying to kill us, who are shooting at us. And we don't put names on them or labels on them. They are just trying to hurt us, and they are the bad guys."

Hollywood has always been about good guys and bad guys, an insight which President Bush appropriated when he named the enemy an “the axis of evil” and said “you are either with us or the terrorists” The war has been sold with this hyped-up master narrative inspired by Hollywood narrative technique.
There is the liberal mindset in a nutshell. Enemy terrorists using indiscriminate bombs to BLOW UP innocent Iraqis and American Soldiers shouldn't be seen as "bad guys." They should be nurtured and understood. Doubtless this reviewer would be much more enthusiastic about a variation on this program shot from the point of view of an Iraqi Insurgent fighting against the odds against the imperialist American Army!

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