Tuesday, August 23, 2005


You've probably all heard that Pat Robertson has called for the Assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. If you haven't, you can see a video of it at Media Matters for America (but mostly for that tiny slice of hard left America).

I do understand how it's a little unsavory for a man of the cloth to be calling for the assassination of Mr. Chavez. But the truth is that Chavez is an enemy of the United States. He HATES America and he HATES Americans.

Osama bin Ladin killed 3,000 people from a cave in Afghanistan. Venezuela is a lot closer and a lot more wealthy (thanks to an accident of geography). Now of course I'm not calling for his assassination - but I do think such a course of action is one of many that our foreign policy apparatus should consider. Protecting America has always included some unsavory actions.

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