Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Are you Ready for the Country?

Ben Shapiro takes as his subject for his latest article how city people look down on country people and how terrible city people are.

Truthfully, I think Ben Shapiro is pandering to his new audience in Oklahoma city (he just got a radio show there). He's telling them how great they are and how much better they are than city folk because he knows that's what country folk want to believe. Apparently Mr. Shapiro believes that country folk are insecure about their place in America and so want people to tell them they are special. Everybody likes feeling special.

I don't know though if country people are that insecure though. Surely many of them realize that building yourself up by tearing other people down (the city people) is a poor way to really gain self esteem. Instead of criticizing each other, why not praise each others strengths? Why not acknowledge that city people tend to be more forward looking and tolerant while acknowledging that country people tend to have stronger spiritual and patriotic values?

Just a thought.

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