Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ann Coulter Needs to Calm Down

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Sorry for the confrontational title, but I think it's merited in this case. Ann Coulter's
latest article confronts Judge Roberts, and, really, she just needs to calm down a little.
Compare that to the principal evidence cited to prove Roberts' conservative bona fides: As a judge, he upheld the arrest of a girl for eating French fries on a subway even though he disagreed with the policy. Well, there's a hot-button issue! (And if he's so conservative, why didn't he call them "freedom fries"?)

Oh yes, and I quote: "He loves his children."

I gather that last boast is supposed to be some sort of signal about his position on abortion. (If he were pro-choice, they would have said, "He loves all of his children who survived gestation.") I don't give a rat's behind whether the guy is pro-life, whether his wife is pro-life, whether he used to be pro-life, whether he will become pro-life, etc. That tells us how he would vote as a state legislator. He isn't being nominated for state legislator.

The relevant question for a prospective justice, and it can be asked properly either by a president or a senator, is: "What, in your view, is the legal force of a Supreme Court opinion?" If Roberts believes that Supreme Court opinions are law of some kind, all is lost.
First of all let me say how silly it is for Ms. Coutler to remind us all of the fuss they made about French Fries! I hope Republicans realize that wasn't one of their finest moments. ; )

But beyond that, why doesn't Ms. Coutler put a little more faith in her President. I didn't vote for him, but Ms. Coutler probably did. If if she did why not trust him. President Bush and his advisors probably asked about this constitutional stuff, and apparently got an answer they liked. So why not just mellow out a little?

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