Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Why we Fight!

Just finished Pat Buchanan's latest article and I'm HOPPING MAD! Not at Buchanan, this time. Instead I am ANGRY at how far the SUPREME COURT has drifted from the values that formed this nation.
The Brown decision of 1954, desegregating the schools of 17 states and the District of Columbia, awakened the nation to the court's new claim to power. Hailed by liberal elites -- and finding no resistance from a Democratic Congress or president who spent his afternoons at Burning Tree -- Warren's court went off on a rampage.

It invented new rights for criminals and put new restrictions on cops and prosecutors. It reassigned students to schools by race and ordered busing to bring it about, tearing cities apart. It ordered God, prayer and Bible-reading out of classrooms. It said pornography was constitutionally protected, making Larry Flynt and Al Goldstein First Amendment heroes, rather than felons. It ruled naked dancing a protected form of free expression. It declared abortion a constitutional right and sodomy constitutionally protected behavior.
It all started with Brown vs. the Board of Education. That is often taught as a triumph for civil rights, and perhaps it had a good effect. But it also opened the door to all of these other ABUSES by a court driven by ARROGANCE and EGO.

Now President Bush has a chance to restore the court, and through that action also restore America. I hope he takes this opportunity.

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