Monday, July 25, 2005

Who do you Trust?

One of Liberals biggest complaints about the Iraq War (along with their OUTRAGE that America would actually defend itself from TERRORISTS) is that the President has failed to sufficiently provide for the war. Liberals decry President Bush's fighting the war on the cheap.

Of course President Bush's reply has always been that he would give the Generals what they needed to successfully prosecute the war. Anything America's fighting men need to win this war, they will have. Kind of shuts up that argument, doesn't it?

But Joseph L. Galloway has come up with an answer to that, in
an article reprinted at Commondreams. Apparently America's Generals and Military Leaders are all cowards. Who says Liberals don't love the American fighting man?

Apparently America's Military leaders are so overwhelmed with President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, they are afraid to ask for the men and tools they need. Maybe President Bush should try smiling more.

Really, if this is the best Democrats can do, it's no wonder they are where they are electorally speaking.

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