Thursday, July 21, 2005

Who Am Us, Anyway?

Good Morning Sunshines!

Just read an
inspiring article by Bill C. Davis. His main question is what does it mean to be an American, and he answers it in an inspiring way.
Malcontents, dreamers, rogues, persecuted minorities, people "yearning to breathe free", even broken-hearted lovers – pack up, shake the dust of their homeland from their itchy feet and make tracks for the canvas of America.

America, as a nation and a concept, invites the troubled geniuses and the ambitious architects – the hungry and the disinherited - into the great casino. The one thing anyone passing through the actual and metaphorical Ellis Island has to have, then and now, is a passion to work.
He also talks about the many Hispanic and Mexican come tot his America with this passion to work and build new lives for themselves. We, as Americans, should recognize and respect that drive to better this country.

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