Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Watching Our Words Part 3

Taking a page from Cheery's notebook.

I don't know how many of you are reading the
Huffington Post. I check it out pretty regularly; there are often interesting articles there. But there's no denying it offers a venue for radical leftists. Apparently Andrew Sullivan recently pointed this out and came under some criticism from Richard Bradley.

But in a surprise move, Andrew Sullivan had some responses showing just how WARPED some of the Liberal Posters at the Huffington Report are. Take these bon mots from Tom Hayden. "Imperial fantasies, as shattered as the London transit system. The G-8 leaders feign innocence while the innocents die." As Bradley is forced to admit, these look like the words of some sixties hack protester (which, I guess, sort of describes Tom Hayden). But I have to say it's not surprising.

The Lefties in this country have never really gotten past 1968. Frankly one of the things they like about Iraq is their ability to see it as pretty much the same as Vietnam (Doonesbury even refers to it as Iraq-nam). All the old cliches and nonsense can be made to fit this new situation.

This would be amusing, if one forgets that their LIES and PROTESTS caused us to lose the Vietnam War. WE CANNOT AFFORD to lose in IRAQ! So I hope the American people will realize the danger these people represent and respond accordingly.

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