Monday, July 18, 2005

Tolerance and Multiculturalism

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Somewhere along the way, "multiculturalism" turned into a dirty word. I always liked the idea of finding out something about other cultures. Learning how different people lived. I love world music, and I'm fond of many different types of cuisines. But apparently Multiculturism is dooming western civilization. :-(

This is the subject of Diana West's latest article, in which she takes on the idea that being overly nice to Muslims is a bad thing.

. . . we also prevent ourselves from looking full-face at the danger to our way of life posed by Islam.

Notice I didn't say "Islamists." Or "Islamofascists." Or "fundamentalist extremists." I've tried out such terms in the past, but I've come to find them artificial and confusing, and maybe purposefully so, because in their imprecision I think they allow us all to give a wide berth to a great problem: the gross incompatibility of Islam -- the religious force that shrinks freedom even as it "moderately" enables or "extremistly" advances jihad -- with the West.
I think this is a very narrow way of looking at people. People are more than just the sum of their parts; narrowing a person down just to a label is not only wrong, it's also stupid. You miss out on the chance to learn more about individuals and cultures; to see their good side as well as the bad side.

So if Ms. West and other Conservatives want to see Multicultural as a dirty word, I will continue to believe in it.

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