Saturday, July 09, 2005

They're all going to laugh at you

Hi all! : - )

Rush Limbaugh is an interesting personality, but I don't often agree with what he said. I really didn't agree with his advice to a woman who called into his program yesterday.

She works at a library on a liberal campus (by the way, I'm a liberal and proud of it), and is worried that if she expresses her conservative point of view her friendships and her work situation won't be that good. So this is the advice that Rush gave her.
You will not believe what laughing at people who are earnestly serious about what they think will do to them. And they will go, "Why are you laughing at us? What's so funny?" And you say, "I can't believe what you guys are saying. I really can't believe the way you think." And then they'll start, "What do you mean?" And then they've led you into it. You haven't confronted them. You've just laughed at them.
I'm not the worlds best expert on inter-human relations but I know that when I get laughed at, it doesn't make me feel good. It certainly doesn't make me want to listen to whatever the person is saying! : - {

I think this advice would just create more harsh feelings and anger; and I don't know why Mr. Limbaugh would recommend such a course. Unless he feels there is something positive in Liberals and Conservatives hating each other.

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