Monday, July 25, 2005

Remembering Sacrifices

Good Morning ! :)

Just read a very
touching article over at the New York Times, comparing the sacrifices of previous generations of soldiers with the sacrifices of today's soldiers. While the sacrifice is generally the same, the respect shown that sacrifices is considerably less, it seems like.
Only 135,000 men and women in American uniform are fighting - volunteers, members of the National Guard, reservists. There is no draft. No threat of a uniform hangs over the citizens of a nation of nearly 300 million who, in polls, support the invasion of a remote country upon whom our government would pin guilt of 9/11 ... and then attack. An invasion that was ordered by an expertly trained but combat-innocent fighter pilot and a draft-deferred character with "other priorities" during the Vietnam War.
Anyway I thought it was a good article.

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