Thursday, July 14, 2005

Putting your Country First!!!

Hi all! : - ))

Just read a
very inspiring post by Cenk Uygar over at the Huffington Post. Apparently Mr. Uygar used to be a Republican but he is dissatisfied over the direction his party is taking, just like a growing number of Americans. He feels like the war in Iraq was a disaster before it even began and he's angry at a party that supports such actions.

So, do I still call myself a Republican after all this?

Hell no. I care too much about my country to put a political party over the interests of our nation. Could there come a time again when I go back to supporting Republicans? Of course. When they go back to representing what we used to believe in and when they go back to representing the ideals of this country.

Anyway he's a sharp guy and worth looking at.

As for my comment earlier, about a growing number of Americans seeing through this administration, apparently only 41% of the American people give President Bush high marks for honesty; down 9 points from January. According to
NBC and the Wall Street Journal.

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