Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Persistence of Existence

I just want to echo Cheery's words earlier. I'm sure we will be talking about the political ramifications of what happened in London, but not today.

Instead I will point you to
an article by Dahr Jamail (posted at the liberal site Common Dreams)which questions the existence and the relevance of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. al-Zarqawi is leading a large part of the Terrorist Insurgency in Iraq, so you'd think his existence would be accepted, but you would be wrong.

I'm reminded of an old joke. Historians have just discovered that Shakespeare's plays were not written by Shakespeare, but by another person with the same name.

To be fair, what Jamail is really talking about is how the mythology of al-Zarqawi has overshadowed the man. But I do think it reveals the distinct difference between the Liberal and Conservative mindset. To the Conservative, al-Zarqawi is to be defeated, not understood.

The article is also worth reading as a travelogue; as Jamail meets and discusses al-Zarqawi with many people in that part of the world. It can be pretty funny.
He then adds, somewhat randomly, that he himself has been in different prisons for a total of seven years -- one of those statements you can't decide whether you wished you had never heard or are simply relieved you didn't hear hours earlier just as you were beginning.

"In Afghanistan when we beheaded people it was to show the enemy what their fate was to be. It was to frighten them."

I think to myself grimly: Well, it works.
Anyway, it's well worth reading.

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