Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Path To Victory Lies Through Defeat

At least this is what Salim Lone suggests in an article reprinted at Commondreams. We can't win the war on terror until we give up. It's kind of like a Zen Riddle. No wait, that's not it. What it is really like is TOTAL NONSENSE!
Action against terrorism is imperative, but will only succeed if accompanied by steps to address intense Muslim grievances, including curbing wars of aggression and occupation, which are among the central causes of the exponential growth in terror. But no one dares to put these items on the international agenda because of US power - and the support given to the US by Britain. Without that British support, the US would be comprehensively isolated and forced to reconsider its policies.

The greatest blow Bush and Blair could strike against terror would be to terminate the occupation of Iraq within a fixed time. This would profoundly affect the outcome of the coming elections, and forge peace through power-sharing with Iraqi insurgents.
First of all how ludicrous is Lone to think that CENTURIES of grievances in Iraq would melt away the moment the United States withdrew. I'm talking about both those grievances within Iraq that would tear that nation apart and grievances between the Islamic Nations and the West that drive Terrorists to kill as they did on September 11th in this country and on July 7th in London.

Secondly, Lone gives away his opinion of the United States when he talks about our wars of aggression and occupation. We are not an aggressive nation nor a greedy one. We went to Iraq, in part, to help the Iraqi people. Perhaps Lone has forgotten the rape rooms and Saddam's use of poison gas against his own people, but I can assure you we haven't. If Lone wants to see the liberation of an oppressed people as aggression, well, I think that says more about Lone's mentality than it does about the United States.

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