Tuesday, July 19, 2005

An Outage to Democracy!

What is an outrage to Democracy? One would guess it had something to do with the will of the people, as expressed through their votes, was not followed. Thus if the American people voted for President Bush in hopes that he would nominate a constitutionalist judge, well it would be an outrage to Democracy. Or at least that's how I see.

But, as is often the case, Liberals see things very different from me. Paul Loeb, in
an article reprinted at Working For Change, argues that letting the President nominate someone like Alberto Gonzales is an outrage to democracy.
We may not win in challenging Gonzales, but at least we will make clear why giving him a lifetime appointment is an outrage to democracy. We can highlight the profound destructiveness of the values that he and this administration represent. We can challenge the Republican "moderates" to stay true to their word and maintain the option of the judicial filibuster.
Well I agree, that Gonzales is no conservatives first choice to fill the court. After 70 years of judicial activism dividing this country and taking it away from Constitutional principles, we need a fighter. Gonzales is a good person, but he's not going to fight for conservative, constitutional powers.

And, obviously, this article points to the ABJECT FOOLISHNESS of trying to nominate a moderate candidate in order to placate these Liberals! If Gonzales is worth a filibuster, if the Attorney General represents "extraordinary circumstances," well, we'd have to nominate Bill Clinton to avoid a liberal meltdown.

And if we are going to incur their wrath anyway, why not put a strict constitutionalist on the bench, someone who will set us on the path back to a constitutional America.

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