Friday, July 29, 2005

Office News

Hi all!

Thought I would give you a short update. The Monster has been here for about an hour. He scanned the last several weeks of the Blog, until he saw something that apparently really upset him. : ( I think he was upset anyway, since he immediately threw the chair he was sitting in out of the window and roared at Make Me a Commentator Management. He went charging into their office and we heard a few crashes. I noticed that the website was scrolled up to
this post.

A few minutes ago a message came over the intercom telling us that we were all excused for the day and that the office would be closed over the weekend for "refurbishing." So I don't know what is going on. At any rate, it looks like we won't be having any updates over the weekend - but you never know what will happen.

At any rate, you have a nice weekend and keep smiling! : )

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